Wintersun julkaisee ”Time II” -albuminsa elokuussa

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 26.2.2024

Kotimainen Jari Mäenpään kipparoima metallijyrä Wintersun on julkaisemassa odotetun ”Time II” -albuminsa elokuun 30. päivä Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Jari Mäenpää on julkaissut albumin liittyen juuri virallisen päivityksen ja voit lukea sen tästä:


All right, guys! Here’s information about the TIME II release. Please read it carefully!

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The official release date for TIME II and TIME PACKAGE is August 30th.

On this date, the CD and vinyl will be released by our record label Nuclear Blast. Those who order the TIME PACKAGE directly from our band during the Indiegogo pre-order period of March 1st to April 30th will receive their downloads on the same day as the release (August 30th).

If you’re wondering which version of TIME II to get… Physical or digital? Our suggestion? Get them both! These are two different products. Each version offers unique content that you won’t find in the other. While it’s nice to have the physical version that provides a tactile experience, the digital TIME PACKAGE is where you’ll find the real treasure trove of goodies: high-resolution album booklets, 24-bit MASTER FILES, Instrumentals, Isolated Tracks, and much more music content beyond just TIME II. 😉

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You’ve been waiting for new Wintersun music for years. The TIME PACKAGE will give you the full experience, and it will deliver ALL THE GOODS!!! Why limit yourself to just one version when you can have it all?

Ordering the TIME PACKAGE through our Indiegogo pre-order will provide us with the most financial support. These funds will help us reinvest in our music, allowing us to continue creating and producing high-quality content for all of you to enjoy.

We have some incredible plans for our next four albums that we’ve been updating you about. But, in order to make these plans a reality, we need the necessary funds. Without your support, these plans will not be possible. However, we have proven in the past that we can achieve the impossible together, as demonstrated through our successful crowdfunding campaign in 2017 and making TIME II a reality!


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This Friday, March 1st, our Indiegogo pre-order for TIME II and TIME PACKAGE will launch! The contents of the mysterious TIME PACKAGE will be revealed, and you will also hear a few sound clips from TIME II for the first time! (If you dare to listen!). So, who’s excited?

Make sure to subscribe to our channels and pages so you won’t miss the launch! And… Be ready!”