Wintersunin Jari Mäenpäältä päivitys yhtyeen tulevaan albumiin liittyen

Wintersun 2012Kotimaisen metallia soittavan Wintersunin vokalisti Jari Mäenpää on laittanut verkkoon virallisen viestin liittyen yhtyeen tulevan albumin edistymiseen. Lue lisää nähdäksesi miehen virallisen kirjoituksen asiaan liittyen. 

Here´s the reality. TIME I & II and even couple of the next albums would have been out already, if I would have a studio. BUT I don´t have a studio. Studio is like an instrument of making music and I don´t have that instrument, so it´s pretty fucking hard to make albums, especially as complicated as the TIME albums are. TIME II is in good place mixwise, it´s sounding pretty damn spectacular, but there are still some difficult obstacles I´m battling with. Tuska Festival weekend is coming and I´m gonna get wasted! I´ve been working nonstop since January (and not just the TIME II, new material and there´s some other new things boiling under as well). So don´t come ask me at Tuska ”when´s TIME II coming out?” hahah! Unless you buy me a beer!

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