Witherfall julkaisi akustisen version ”Ode To Despair” -kappaleestaan

Yhdysvaltalainen melodista metallia soittava  julkaisi ”Ode To Despair” -kappaleestaan akustisen version, joka tulee löytymään bändin maaliskuun 22. päivä ilmestyvältä ”Vintage”-EP:ltä. ”Ode To Despair” -kappale soi alunperin bändin viime vuonna julkaistulla ”A Prelude To Sorrow” -albumilla.

Witherfall kertoi, että se teki akustisia versioita kappaleistaan ollessaan mukana Sonata Arctican Acoustic Adventures -kiertueella. Century Media halusi lopulta kuulla versiot tulevalle EP:lle nauhoitettuna.

“Being invited as special guests on ’s Acoustic Adventures tour we knew we had to re-imagine some of our songs to realize the vibe of the tour. Our partners at Century Media came up with a brilliant idea of recording a few of these and including them on the upcoming Vintage EP. Being our most successful single to date ‘Ode To Despair’ was the first one thought of. The track was recorded in a split session bookending a tour of Japan with Kamelot. Vocals and guitars were literally followed by a 5am flight to the Far East, then after the tour we headed straight from the airport to the studio. This is also the first song to incorporate new keyboardist; Alex Nasla. We also had the privilege of working with James “Timbali” Cornwell (Earth Wind & Fire, Janet Jackson) who provided the percussion that really makes this track standout.”

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