Wolf vaihtoi kitaristia

Kirjoittanut Niko Kuusela - 4.7.2011

Ruotsalainen heavy metal -yhtye Wolfin ja bändin kitaristi Johannes ”Axeman” Losbäckin tiet ovat eronneet je hänet korvaa Simon Johansson (Bibleblack, Memory Garden). Lue lisää nähdäksesi Losbäckin kommentit aiheesta.

”It’s with a heavy (metal) heart that I announce that I’m stepping down from my duties in the second best band in the world; WOLF. It was a very tough and difficult decision to make since I love WOLF and heavy metal, but I simply can’t give WOLF 666% at this point. It’s not fair to the fans, the boys or me to not give it all and I need to step down.

”The downward spiral of the music business, which makes bands and musicians work harder and harder and trying to survive, has taken its toll on me.

”I’d like to thank all, and I mean ALL fans for the ride of the past nine years. I am a fan of yours, so I love you all to death! Also, thanks to WOLF members past and present for sharing the life and giving me the opportunity to express myself through music. I am deeply proud and honored to have made music with you! I started my relationship with WOLF as a fan and now I get to end it as a fan. Thank you all, 666 times over and over. You WILL hear from me again! Oh…and CELTIC FROST rules!”