Wolfgang Van Halen kommentoi David Lee Rothin taannoisia tylytyksiä

Kirjoittanut Ingeborg Roos - 7.3.2024

Kaaoszine uutisoi tammikuussa David Lee Rothin vähemmän mairittelevista Wolfgang Van Halenia koskevista kommenteista. Nyt Van Halen on vastannut näihin The Morning X With Barnes & Leslie:n haastattelussa.
Kysyttäessä asiasta Wolfgang Van Halen vastasi:

”I guess I’m honored he even thinks about me as much as he seems to. I guess you have to take what he says with a grain of salt considering he also said that he wrote [Eddie Van Halen’s classic instrumental] ’Eruption’ and came up with the Frankenstein [red-white-and-black-striped pattern Eddie Van Halen made famous on his guitar]… He said he wrote all the solos that Dad wrote.

I guess that’s all I can say. I seem to have been born into this VAN HALEN drama that has come way before me. And I guess now that my dad isn’t here to be a target, I guess he went to the next best thing.”

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