Year Of The Goat julkaisi uuden lainakappaleen

Year Of The Goat

Ruotsalainen okkulttinen rock -yhtye Year Of The Goat on julkaissut oman version ranskalaisen laulajattaren n kappaleesta ”Song Of Winter”. Kappale on saatavilla fyysisessä formaatissa kultaisella vinyylillä b-puolen ”Strange Shadows” kanssa. Voit kuunnella kappaleen tästä:

”For many years Francoise Hardy has been part of our playlist while on the road. As soon as Song Of Winter played the thought that we really should do a cover of it at some point always presented itself. Lyrically we find it going very well with the theme of our first album and also with the one we’re planning at the moment. The B-side on the other hand lyrically draws more towards our second album ’The Unspeakable.’ One could probably say that the wonderful and talented Francoise Hardy is helping us build a bridge between our last album and the one to come.”

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