27 vuoden odotus päättymässä: Exhorder sai valmiiksi tulevan albuminsa nauhoitukset

Kuva: Dante Torrieri

Yhdysvaltalainen vuonna 1985 toimintansa aloittanut heavy metal -yhtye on saanut valmiiksi tulevan albuminsa nauhoitukset. Bändin edellisestä vuonna 1992 ilmestyneestä ”The Law” -albumista on ehtinyt kulua jo 27 vuotta, ja yhtyeen perustanut kitaristi Vinnie La Bella ihmetteleekin, mihin aika on albumin julkaisun jälkeen on oikein kulunut. Vinnie on kertonut bändin tulevasta albumista seuraavaa:

”27 years? Man, that’s a big number! A lot has transpired over the course of such an extended amount of time, and this record touches on it all. There is material on this record that is literally 27 years old along with material that was written just 6 months ago, and everything in between. There are truly no words to express the emotions which are connected with this moment. And that’s pretty convenient because I prefer to do my talking in the ring/stage anyway. But the people who really made this what it is cannot go without mention: My incredible band mates; Simon and crew at AISA Management; all at ; and Duane Simoneaux at OCD Recording, Jens Bogren was an unquestionable genius! So honored to have him on this. This is, without a doubt for the first time in our career, the album we intended to give you. Production, sound, art, it’s all there, with no compromise! I’m eternally grateful for all who helped make it happen. And to all that have waited for it, prayed for it, begged for it, or even dreaded this moment, much love and I’ll see you in the ’Ring!'”

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