Alexi Laihon leskeksi jäänyt puoliso Kimberly Goss julkaisi pitkän kirjoituksen oikoakseen häneen kohdistuvia syytöksiä

Julkaisimme sivustollamme eilen aamusta uutisen, jossa kerroimme hiljattain menehtyneen Children Of Bodomin / Bodom After Midnightin laulaja-kitaristi Alexi Laihon läheinen ystävä Matt Fawcett syytti tämän kanssa yhä naimisissa olevaa puolisoa Kimberly Gossia vain onnen onkijaksi, joka haluaa hyötyä tämän omaisuudesta Laihon kuoltua. Matt Fawcett myös väitti että Laiholla oli välit poikki Gossin kanssa eikä tämä suostunut allekirjoittamaan eropapereita vaan katosi aina kun Laiho otti asian tälle puheeksi. Kimberly Goss julkaisi eilen illasta oman vastineensa aiheeseen liittyen, jonka mukaan hän oli Laihon kanssa tekemisissä useasti miehen viimeisen elin kuukauden aikana toisin kuin häntä syytettiin ja Alexi Laiho ei missään vaiheessa lähettänyt hänelle avioeropapereita koska ei ilmeisesti halunnut erota Kimberlystä. Voit lukea vastineen tästä:

Nyt Kimberly on julkaissut toisen vielä pidemmän kirjoituksen aiheeseen liittyen jossa oikoo häneen kohdistuvia syytöksiä ja toivoo että asian käsittely julkisesti lopetettaisiin ja kaikki saisivat rauhassa surra rakastamaansa muusikkoa, ystävää ja perheenjäsentä. Voit lukea päivityksen tästä:

”Nightmare. That is the only word I can use to describe what is happening here. From day one I never wished any illwill toward the other party in Australia. I kept her lies and secrets to myself, out of respect to a man that was not here to make his own statement. I do not know this Australian person, but I know all the things I am being told about her from the people who knew Alexi best. People I trust more than anything. Some of which have been in his life for well over 20 years. People that any fan of Alexi would also trust and respect. People that I will not call out because I know they do not wish to be a part of this either. Believe me, I wish I was not the one being dragged through the mud, but let it be understood that I cannot sit by and watch my name be trashed by these desperate, attention starved people without defending myself and revealing the truth.

-Alexi could have easily divorced me at any given time over the last decade+ and he didn’t even need my permission to do so once we lived separately for 2 years. Alexi never truly intended to divorce me. This was a secret I was planning to keep with me forever, but the disgusting lies being perpetuated by these few people in Australia and their insistence to trash my name, have given me no choice but to defend myself. I have been threatened by diehard Alexi “fans” who do not know anything about the truth. Every threat I received has been screenshot and sent to authorities. The facts about Finnish marriage/divorce law can be found and my truth can be easily proven through public records.

– For those saying that I only created this Instagram account to capitalize off of his death and get famous, are you delusional? I was already fucking famous. I’ve played in some of the most legendary bands in the game. I did not need this goddamn account for fame. I in fact stepped AWAY from the spotlight to focus on motherhood. Yes, the fact is that I did create this account the day the news was made public. I was already informed of his death prior, but I respectfully held onto the news until it was made public. The minute the world found out, my private Facebook page blew up with messages of condolences and requests from the media for comments. I created this page to thank the fans for their outpouring of support and to share beautiful pictures and memories of a man we lost far too soon.

– Anyone claiming that I am here because I am greedy and want to keep all of his money and royalties to myself, how dare you comment on something you know nothing about! Everyone here closest to him knows the truth. I do not need his goddamn money. I need my best friend back!!! I AM FUCKING grief-stricken and on top of that I have been tasked with this most impossible responsibility to take care of his estate. I DO plan to respect his ACTUAL, TRUE wishes to the fullest extent!!! When someone dies things get very ugly and it is impossible to please everyone. I know what the fuck he wanted and I have an arsenal of truth in my phone with years worth of text messages, FaceTime call logs, phone call logs and emails from him. I know what to fucking do because I have his logged words guiding me every step of the way.

– Regarding the false reports that I have been threatening his family, that could not be further from the truth. I have dozens of message logs of me wanting to work very respectfully with his family. DOZENS. Unfortunately, his sister has been severely manipulated by this woman in Australia. My heart breaks for his sister, as I know she is grieving the loss of her baby brother. I love the Laiho family with all my heart and soul and it pains me that this Australian person has taken advantage of their vulnerable state. The truth of the matter is, Alexi spent most of his life with his various bandmates and closest friends. His family in Finland are far removed from n roll lifestyle. For this Australian woman to take advantage of his grieving sister and fill her head with lies and deceit, it’s just beyond disgusting and disgraceful. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he was at his very sickest during the years that this woman was in his life. Just do a Google search.

– Regarding reports that I “stole” one of his cars, this is false. His most precious car was parked in a public lot at the time of his death. I had it towed away and placed somewhere very safe, which was my right as his legal widow and his family knows exactly where it is. The whereabouts of his car had been posted on social media and I did not want any damage to be done or property to be stolen from it. That car was his baby and I protected it for him.

– I fucking hate this spectacle more than anything. All I wanted was for this man to and to pay tribute to him. To this woman in Australia, I have a message for you…

Let this go. Heal yourself and heal your soul. I do not doubt that you are grieving, but you are disgracing this man’s legacy by allowing your friends to go on these trash talking tirades all over the Internet. By doing this, I’m starting to second-guess how well you truly knew the man. Anyone who knew him, knew that this part of his life should have remained private. However, you and your “friends” decided to drag my name through the mud and I will not stand by and be threatened by people who do not know what the fuck is actually going on. I hate that I had to reveal these truths, but you left me no choice but to stand up for myself. All of your embarrassing secrets are now revealed, and you only have yourself to blame. I would have kept these secrets for the rest of my life and you could have gone on pretending to be the grieving widow and continue to capitalize off his death by creating gofundme pages to pay for a “funeral” that you can’t even have, because he’s going to be buried here in Finland, not there in Australia. I hope you let yourself heal, I hope you allow this fucking news to die down. If not for yourself, then for the sake of your child. As a mother myself, I cannot understand how you would allow this to get so publicly out of hand. I feel nothing but heartache for your child and I had every intention to make sure she was well taken care of, but you are making this a very impossible task for me. She is innocent. Get over yourself and start being a mother.”