Alkaline Trio, AFI ja My Chemical Romance jäseniltä uusi bändi

nokkamies , basisti Hunter Burgan sekä rumpali Jarrod Alexander ovat lyöttäytyneet yhteen ja perustaneet nimisen orkesterin. Bändin debyyttialbumi ”Babylon” julkaistaan tulevien kuukausien aikana Superball Musicin kautta.

”Creating a record on my own and deciding who plays and how the songs were structured, it was fun to do. I love working with my band-mates in Alk3 but to make a rock record that was just mine was something that I wanted to do. I am so delighted to be working with . It was extremely important for the Matt Skiba and The Sekrets project to find the proper home.

”I am honored and ecstatic to have found a label that is as enthusiastic about this project as I am. I am very thankful to have Superball in my corner and look forward to the growth of our relationship and to the growth of this project.”

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