Anthraxin entinen laulaja Neil Turbin: ”Olisin mahdollisesti käytettävissä, mikäli juhlakonsertti soitettaisiin”

Julkaisimme sivustollamme hiljattain uutisen, jossa kerroimme Anthraxin Scott Ianin pohtineen mahdollista yksittäistä juhlakeikkaa entisten bändin laulajien kanssa yhtyeen täyttäessä 40 ensi vuonna. Nyt yhtyeessä vuosina 1982–1984 laulaneelta Neil Turbinilta on kysytty The Metal Voicen haastattelussa, olisiko hän halukas jakamaan lavan muiden Anthraxin laulajien kanssa juhlakeikan merkeissä.

Turbin on haastattelussa kertonut olevansa kiinnostunut asiasta, ja mikäli kaikki palaset loksahtelisivat kohdilleen, olisi hän mukana keikassa. Hän avasi aihetta seuraavasti:

”John Bush is great; I love John Bush. It was really super cool of John to give me an interview [for The Metal Voice] the first time I met him in person [earlier this year]. I’ve met other members of Armored Saint and they’ve always been cool; we’ve always been friendly with one another. And having the opportunity to meet John and speak with him was really quite awesome. He’s a great singer and a great guy — very cool. We discussed about some things off camera as well, so it was really cool to meet John. I’d love to do shows with John. He is a super dynamic person and, obviously, a great singer. And, obviously, Armored Saint is a very well-respected, legendary band. And personally, I’d love to have the opportunity to do shows with John and with Armored Saint; if that opportunity arises, I’d certainly be open to that.”

Michael Schenker Fest and Helloween (Pumpkins United) what they have done and how they have approached things, they have done their Fest shows with respect and class for the bands and artists. There is a value to presenting something like that, however I think it boils down to what the fans want. It’s what the fans want that matters. Would the Anthrax show bring out the fans? As a fan, I appreciate Michael Shenker doing his Fest. I respect the fact that Graham Bonnet and Michael Schenker would go back on stage today with each other with their issues in the past. I also think that the Michael Schenker Fest has helped to revitalize his career, they are playing bigger venues.

”I would be open to considering doing the Anthrax Fest but there is a lot of moving parts. As of now I have not been approached.”

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