Cannibal Corpsen vokalisti vierailee Ektomorffin tulevalla albumilla

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 28.7.2015

Ektomorf 2014Yhdysvaltalaisen death metallin legendan Cannibal Corpsen vokalisti George ”Corpsegrinder” Fischer on varmistunut vierailijaksi unkarilaisen groove metal -yhtye Ektomorffin seuraavan albumin kappaleeseen nimeltä ”Evil By Nature”. Ektomorffin vokalisti / kitaristi Zoltán Farkas on julkaissut yhteistyöhön liittyen seuraavanlaisen tiedotteen:

“We are friends with the Cannibal Corpse guys since a long time. Last year in November I spoke to George about doing a song together. The recent Budapest show of Cannibal Corpse then was the perfect opportunity to meet and record his parts. So I took small home recording studio gear with me and recorded vocals with George in the dressing room before their show. It was fun and turned out killer! The song’s title is ‘Evil By Nature‘ and it will appear on our upcoming album. Be sure, it will smash your face 100%! Prepare!”