Chris Adler kuvailee ensimmäistä keikkaansa Megadethin kanssa upeaksi kokemukseksi

Chris Adler 2015Yhdysvaltalaisen eilen uuden albuminsa julkaisseen metalliyhtye Lamb Of Godin rumpali on antanut hiljattain haastattelun ”Elliot In The Morning” -nimiselle radio-ohjelman juontajalle DJ Elliot Segalille, jossa kuvailee kokemustaan Megadethissa soitetun ensimmäisen keikan jälkeen. Chris Adler on kertonut pitäneensä soittamisesta todella paljon mutta pitäytyy silti kannassaan pysyä Lamb Of Godissa sen sijaan, että liittyisi pysyvästi Megadethin riveihin. Voit lukea Adlerin mietteitä aiheesta tästä:

”Yeah, we just got back. We just did Quebec City last Saturday night [July 18 at the Festival D’été De Québec]. And [it was] just an incredible show. I think we had seventy or eighty thousand people at this [event]. It was my first show with the band — first of many — and it was great. I loved every bit of it. It was a stressful period of time getting that together, because LAMB was on tour, and I was trying to learn the set. But I did the album with [MEGADETH mainman] Dave [Mustaine] and the guys earlier this year — the [new] MEGADETH album, that is — and, so, we definitely get along. Dave wants me in the band. I’ve let him know that LAMB is the priority, but anything and everything I can do… [MEGADETH] has been my favorite band since I was a kid, so I wanna be there.”

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