Crystal Lake coveroi The Ghost Insidea

Crystal Lake 2015Japanilainen metalcore- yhtye on julkaissut coverin The Ghost Insiden ”Wide Eyed” kappaleesta. Kappaleesta saadut tuotot menevät suoraan The Ghost Insiden jäsenille marraskuussa tapahtuneesta bussiturmasta toipumiseen sekä sairaalakuluihin. Kappaleen voit kuunnella ostamalla sen tästä. Yhtyeen kommentin asiaan liittyen voit lukea tästä:

”We had a chance to tour with in Japan three years ago,” says the band. ”When we heard this news, we, like all of you, were so shocked and at a loss for words. We strongly felt that we must do something to help support The Ghost Inside, as a band and simply as their friends from the other side of the world.”

”Through these tough times, The Ghost Inside has been posting heartfelt messages and photos of them in recovery, and witnessing their positive attitude and strength to recover has taught us what being a band is all about. ’Wide Eyed’ is one of our favorite tracks from ’Dear Youth’ and Vigil’s lyrics about how they must keep moving forward with strong will and faith, no matter how hard the situation is, was truly inspiring to us. It is an honor to have this opportunity to give our words and hearts as Crystal Lake. This song encouraged us when we needed to look up. We don’t know how helpful this can be, but we will be so happy if this project means something to The Ghost Inside. We gave our best shot to breathe our hope and emotion into this great song in Crystal Lake’s way, so we hope everyone who reads this will take a listen and help support The Ghost Inside during this time of need.”


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