Dee Sniderin lyttäämä tuottaja Tom Werman sivaltaa takaisin Deen suuntaan: ”Koita unohtaa minut ja elää etuoikeutettua elämääsi”

Julkaisimme sivustollamme eilen uutisen, jossa kerroimme, kuinka yhdysvaltalaisen rockyhtye Twisted Sisterin jättihitti ”We’re Not Gonna Take It” olisi aikoinaan voinut jäädä levyttämättä, mikäli yhtyeen laulaja ei olisi saanut ”Stay Hungry” -albumin tuottanutta Tom Wermania muuttamaan mieltään kappaleen suhteen. Dee on aiheesta yhä katkera Wermanille, ja on lukuisissa haastatteluissa lytännyt tuottajan. Nähtyään Deen viimeisimmät kommentit myös Tom päättänyt kommentoida väitteitä. Tomin mukaan Deen puheet ovat suurelta osin keksittyjä. Hän toivoo, että rokkari pystyisi unohtamaan hänet kokonaan ja nauttimaan etuoikeutetusta elämästään miljonäärinä. Voit lukea Tomin sivalluksen takaisin Dee Sniderin suuntaan tästä:

”Seriously? Again it’s time for Dee to flog the dead horse he hasn’t flogged for at least a few months — over 30 years later… I guess I should be flattered that I’m on his mind for so much time.

It remains amusing that he trash-talks me for producing the one album that made him a multi-millionaire for life.

His recollections of the ’Stay Hungry’ sessions are as accurate as the recollections of Donald Trump.

He got down on his knees? Please.

Here’s a self-congratulating recording artist who ridicules a producer for suggesting, God forbid, that he might consider recording a song that he didn’t actually write all by himself. Such is his delicate ego, which apparently can’t accommodate sharing credit for any of his success, and which compels him to insult others because he’s insecure about himself.

Does this remind us of anyone?

He goes out of his way to insult me for three decades, but never managed to respond to my two polite, reasonable emailed requests to have me on his fair and balanced radio show so I could respond. It seems he’s incapable of leaving this alone.

Check out the huge sales figures on the re-recorded, Snider-produced ’Stay Hungry’ compared to the sales on the original, which by now must be over seven million. Then check out the number of times Snider has thanked his bandmates for their contributions to the success of that album.

And yes, the eight-point royalty thing is simply a lie. Period. No producer in the history of recorded music got eight points. A good producer got four tops. I suppose the president of Atlantic Records called me to do their record because he knew I was an incompetent producer.

Dee, give yourself a gift — you’d obviously be a happier guy if you could stop obsessing about me. Give it a rest, bud. Save your breath, save some time, try to forget me, and go enjoy your privileged life. You’re welcome.”

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