DevilDriver julkaisee seuraavan albuminsa toukokuussa: Uusi kappale ”Through The Depths” kuunneltavissa

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 8.3.2023

Yhdysvaltalainen groove metal -yhtye DevilDriver on julkaisemassa seuraavan ”Dealing With Demons Vol. II” -nimisen albuminsa toukokuun 12. päivä Napalm Recordsin kautta. Tuottaja Steve Evettsin (The Dillinger Escape PlanSepultura) tuottamalta albumilta on nyt julkaistu ensimmäisenä singlenä kuunneltavaksi kappale nimeltä ”Through The Depths”, josta laulaja Dez Fafara kertoo seuraavaa:

“‘Through The Depths‘ is a conversation between a higher power and humans regarding the power of thinking ideas into existence, but being very careful of being arrogant behind those wants and needs.

The first lines give this away: ‘Attention attention, you’re seeking, you’ve asked for, it’s given’ (the higher power says).

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Then the lines of the chorus are that same higher power speaking to humans, saying: ‘through the depths to the ascension, nothing you wouldn’t do for my attention, held to the fire it’s not my crime, you’ve pinned it on me for the last time.’ Meaning – don’t blame the Gods (pin it on them) for your fuck ups. Meaning – put it out there and take steps to attain goals and take accountability.

This track is the essence of ‘Dealing With Demons Vol. II‘, and the conversations within the record get way deeper than even this.


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  1. I Have No Pity
  2. Mantra
  3. Nothing Last Forever
  4. Summoning
  5. Through The Depths
  6. Bloodbath
  7. It’s A Hard Truth
  8. If Blood Is Life
  9. This Relationship Broken