Devildriverin, God Forbidin ja Divine Heresyn entisten jäsenten perustama Bad Wolves julkaisi ensimmäisen musiikkivideon


Yhdysvaltalainen metal -yhtye Bad Wolves julkaisi ensimmäisen musiikkivideon ”Learn To Live” -debyyttisingleltään. Hiljattain käynnistyneen yhtyeen riveistä löytyvät laulaja Tommy Vext (, ex-), kitaristi Doc Coyle (, ex-),  rumpali-kitaristi John Boecklin (ex-), kitaristi Chris Cain () sekä basisti Kyle Konkiel (, ).

Katso musiikkivideo tästä:

John Boecklin kuvaili Blabbermouth -medialle bändin musiikillista inspiraatiota:

”We sound like a heavy-slightly prog rock band that tunes low and cuts off most of the fat. Watching Faith No More on the reunion tour made my thought process change. I was standing there, and it hit me that I don’t want to be in a metal band with screaming all the time. We’re heavy, yet from track-to-track, things change quite a bit.”

Tommy Vext kertoo omalta osaltaan:

”More was revealed, so more was required. The overall tonality and approach resonated with me as an opportunity to challenge myself and grow as a vocalist. I was given a platform to tap into some musical influences I hadn’t yet explored in previous bands. All in all, it was some of the most diverse, original material I’ve gotten to wrap my hands around.”

Bändi kommentoi ”Learn To Live” -kappaletta:

”Now, the first single, ”Learn To Live”, snaps from a chugging polyrhythmic riff into a hummable bridge before colliding with an undeniable refrain that’s impossible to shake and the final scream, ”You’d better learn to fucking live.”

”The aim of the song was to basically challenge listeners to ask themselves, ’Am I willing to take personal responsibility for my own happiness?’ It’s a concept I use in my day-to-day life as a sober life coach. It’s meant to address situational depression, anxiety, and the disconnect from interpersonal relationships as a byproduct of social media addiction.”

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