Endstand lopettaa

Suomalaisen hardcoren lippulaiva Endstand on päättänyt lopettaa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen virallinen tiedote asiasta.

Hello everybody –

Last week we decided to take a break with the band. We canceled all the booked shows and will let the band be for a while. After 12 years of existence we came to a point where other things in life take so much time that there’s no chance to concentrate on the band as much as we’ve used to. Well, Pekka is so busy with his theatre-studies and acting in theatres so he doesn’t really have the time for the band. Guess that’s the main reason that rest of us also got frustrated not being able to do anything for the band and that led to lack of motivation to even try for now. We really don’t feel like finding a replacement for him since he’s so damn good drummer, great on stage and an awesome person. And overall it’s not so much of fun to start everything again by teaching the new guy old songs instead of doing something new.

Pekka is not the only reason for us to take this break – we talked about this all already on tour we did in October-November and it seemed that we all need to do something else in life, too. We always said that as long as it’s fun, we’ll keep on going and keeping on now would feel a bit forced. The tour was a lot of fun, but after that we all felt that we didn’t have much to give for the band at the moment. So instead of destroying it all by trying to do it even though we really want to, we decided to take a break and see what will happen. Hopefully there’s going to be a day again when we all have the burning desire to rock together again, but for now we’ll do something else. As I wrote before, Pekka will be concentrating on theatre, Mika still has got his other band Deathbed (www.myspace.com/killedbybed) and Joel plays upright bass in a great country/rock band called Cold Call (www.myspace.com/coldcallband) and i will keep working on my label and recordstore Combat Rock Industry (www.fireinsidemusic.com / www.myspace.com/combatrockindustry) .

We’ll see what the future will bring to us. For now, i want to thank every each of you for your support and interest for us. This band has brought so much to our lives – guess we don’t even realise how big part of our lives it has been until we take a bit of distance to it… Hope we’ve brought some joy to your lives too. Don’t know what else to say – I just want you to remember as a band that did what ever we wanted to. It’s not about fashion, it’s not to try to make us look cool, it’s not about business or whatever… It’s about passion, honesty and sincerity we feel for the music and shows we did and maybe, maybe we’ll do it all again. Till that, take a good care of yourselves and your surroundings. Peace out, much love

-Janne & the rest of the morons.

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