Ennakkokuuntelu: Dreamshade – The Gift Of Life

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 17.1.2013

Sveitsiläinen melodista death metallia soittava Dreamshade julkaisee odotetun toisen albuminsa nimeltä ”The Gift Of Life” 17. päivä tammikuuta Spinefarm Recordsin kautta. Kaaoszine yhteistyössä Spinefarmin kanssa tarjoaa nyt lukijoilleen kahden päivän ajan mahdollisuuden kuunnella tämän albumin ennakkoon sivustollaan. Lue lisää kuunnellaksesi albumi kokonaisuudessaan.

Yhtyeen jäsenet Fella ja Kevin kommentoivat albumin kappaleita seuraavasti:

1. ”Photographs”: Song about our childhood friends we don’t meet nor hear anymore. Lots of melodies and emotional tunes going around on this one! One of my favourite of the record. (Fella)

2. ”Your Voice”: The Independence anthem! If you’re living a Love’n’Hate relationship with someone this is the right song for you. Damn! couple relationships are hard ;) (Fella)

3. ”The Gift Of Life”: Heavy song! I like aliens and questions haha :) (Fella)

4. ”Sandcastles”: Dedicated to the licensed liars around us, this message is pretty clear! Don’t hide behind fake identities ’cause one way or another the truth will come up. You’ve been warned :) Love the way this song immediately gets to the point with its brutality. (Kevin)

5. ”Consumed Future”: Kill your TV before it kills you! Just as the wise Duncan Mac Leod said: ”In the end there can be only one” :) The ambient and atmosphere of this track makes you feel like you want to escape something. Doesn’it? Well, if not you must be deaf! Anyway that’s what I like the most. (Kevin)

6. ”Our Flame”: Cheesy and faggy acoustic song of the album. Love it! (Fella)

7. ”Late Confessions”: Church choirs and plenty of riffs. This is the proggy track I guess but still a very groovy and solid one. (Fella)

8. ”Sincere”: Ladies and Gentlemen, ready to get your skeletons out from the closet? Who’s first? (Kevin)

9. ”Elisabeth”: Alright, things get a bit more serious here. This is the story of Elisabeth Fritzl, an Austrian girl who had the misfortune to be the daughter of one of the craziest men of all times. Google her name and you’ll discover what this is all about! This song goes out to you, Liz. (Kevin)

10. ”Wants & Needs”: I often feel very selfish and this sucks so much I had to write a song about it! Very special song with some electro and Drum’n’bass influences. Main message: not all you want is what you really need. (Fella)

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