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Yksi Suomen legendaarisimmista black metal-yhtyeistä Impaled Nazarene julkaisee uuden live dvd-pakettinsa nimeltä “1990-2012″ 31. päivä lokakuuta. Samassa yhteydessä yhtye julkaisee myös oman oluensa, joka on saanut nimekseen ”Goat Brew”. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen virallinen päivitys sekä olueen, että DVD:hen liittyen.

• Finally our double live dvd is finished. It is simply called 1990-2012.
Two pro-shot gigs on two disks. Booklet with song info and photos.

Disk I: 20th Anniversary show at Henry´s Pub, Kuopio, Finland on 20th of November 2010.
1. Intro
2. Condemned To Hell
3. The Crucified
4. Disgust Suite O:P I
5. Disgust Suite O:P II
6. Let´s Fucking Die
7. Penis Et Circes
8. Ghettoblaster
9. Quasb/The Burning
10. Apolokia
11. I Al Purg Vonpo
12. My Blessing (The Beginning Of The End)
13. In The Name Of Satan
14. Impure Orgies
15. Noisrevrep Taog
16. Sadogoat
17. Enlightenment Process
18. Kuolema Kaikille (Paitsi Meille)
19. Zero Tolerance
20. Leucorrhea
21. Kut
22. Hardboiled And Still Hellbound
23. For Those Who Have Fallen
24. I Am The Killer Of Trolls
25. Kali-Yuga
26. Original Pig Rig
27. 66.6 S Of Foreplay
28. 1999: Karmageddon Warriors
29. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
30. Under Attack
31. We´re Satan´s Generation
32. The Horny And The Horned
33. Intro SFP
34. Vitutuksen Multihuipennus
35. Armageddon Death Squad
36. Coraxo
37. Soul Rape
38. Sadhu Satana
39. Total War – Winter War

Disk II: Live at Steelfest, Hyvinkää, Finland on 18th of May 2012:
1. Intro SFP
2. The Horny and The Horned
3. Gott Ist Tot
4. Enlightenment Process
5. Weapons To Tame A Land
6. Ghettoblaster
7. Quasb/The Burning
8. Nyrkillä Tapettava Huora
9. Corpses
10. Noisrevrep Taog
11. Convulsing Uncontrollably
12. Armageddon Death Squad
13. The Day Of Reckoning
14. Lost Art Of The Goat Sacrificing
15. Tentacles Of The Octagon
16. Funeral For Despicable Pigs
17. Motorpenis
18. Total War – Winter War

Osmose Productions will release it on October 31st 2012. And great news is that price of this piece of goat mayhem is only 12€!!!!

• One of our biggest dreams is coming finally true: We are so damn fucking happy to announce that we have teamed with VAKKA-SUOMEN PANIMO to bring you IMPALED NAZARENE GOAT BREW.
We will post you more info very soon about this!

Visit Vakka-Suomen Panimo at and please note that you have to be at least +18 of age.

• To celebrate the release of the DVD and Goat Brew, we will play some dates in selected clubs in Finland who will be serving Goat Brew in their fine establishments. So far the confirmed gigs are:

• 10. 11. 2012 Club PRKL, Helsinki, Finland
• 12. 01. 2013 Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu, Finland

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