In Flamesilta uutta musiikkia lyriikkavideon muodossa

Ruotsalainen In Flames on julkaissut uuden lyriikkavideon kappaleeseen ”I, The Mask”, joka on yhtyeen tulevalta samannimiseltä kolmanneltatoista albumilta. Albumi julkaistaan 1. maaliskuuta Nuclear Blastin kautta. Laulaja Anders Friden kommentoi:

”This album is really a special one to us. Since our last record, ”Battles” , we’ve established our own annual festival in Sweden and have been touring non-stop worldwide, creating an even stronger bond with our fans. You could say it was a big part of our inspiration for this album. It’s been such a long journey that just keeps going and growing. We feel extremely thankful for that, and for the support that makes it possible. We dedicate our 13th album, ”I, The Mask” , to our fans who allow us to keep making music and playing it every night. IN JESTERHEADS WE TRUST.”

”I, The Mask” albumin kappalelista:

  1. Voices 
  2. I, The Mask 
  3. Call My Name
  4. I Am Above 
  5. Follow Me
  6. (This is Our) House
  7. We Will Remember
  8. In This Life
  9. Burn
  10. Deep Inside
  11. All The Pain
  12. Stay With Me

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