Lamb Of God vokalisti kommentoi musiikin tulevaisuutta

Yhdysvaltalaisen Lamb Of Godin vokalisti Randy Blythe on kommentoinut twitterissään Marilyn Mansonin huonoja myyntilukuja uudella ”Born Villain” albumilla. Samalla Randy on myös kommentoinut sitä, että kuinka hyvin ihmiset tukevat muka sitä ajatusta, että artistit julkaisevat albumeita itsenäisesti ilman suurien levy-yhtiöiden apua. Lue lisää nähdäksesi Randyn viesti aiheen tiimoilta.

“So Marilyn Manson’s new record debuted at #10 w/just over 38k sold, including iTunes. He released it independently on his own record. This is a guy with 3 platinum records, 3 gold, 5 top 10 debuts including two NUMBER ONE RECORDS in the US.

He also has a HUGE CULT FOLLOWING. A #10 record? 38,000 sold first week for arguably one of the biggest “underground” type acts? IT’S FUCKING PATHETIC. The industry is DYING.

All the people who argue about not feeding the record labels, the corporate machine, etc, about how artists should just release their albums THEMSELVES and THE FANS, THE REAL UNDERGROUND FANS will back them to support the artists? There is your fucking answer.

I don’t listen to MM but dude has cred for making his own artistic choices. He hasnt released a record in 3 years & his fans, his HUGE ASS FAN BASE, could only chart 38k records? That’s fucked up- MM is a MUCH LARGER BAND than LOG, & we outsold him by over 10k 1st week.

Not because we have gotten bigger, but because we had a label, a promotional machine behind us. So so much for the “release it yourself & we will support the artist” “and not the greedy corporate label pigs” theory. Amazing.

MM is rich as fuck, & this won’t put him in the poorhouse by any means, but if a huge-ass rockstar like him can only sell 38k records 1st week, RELEASING IT HIMSELF, then how are the bands putting out their FIRST record when nobody knows who they are supposed to survive? Don’t cry for me, Argentina- I can tour til the cows come home & pay my bills.

But I feel sorry for the young bands. Good luck guys & gals- yer gonna need it. “Support the artists no the labels…” GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.”

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