Nilen entisen kitaristi Dallas Toler-Waden lähdön syy ei ollutkaan kiire

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Dallas Toler-Wade Narcotic Wasteland -promokuva 2013

Yhdysvaltalaisen death metal -yhtye Nilen entinen kitaristi Dallas Toler-Wade tarkensi lähtöään yhtyeen riveistä. Aiemmin hän kertoi syyn johtuneen Nilen ahkerasta keikkailuista, jotka veivät jäsenet kauaksi ulkomaille.  Toler-Wade ilmoitti tuolloin, että pienen tauon jälkeen keskittyy vuonna 2011 perustettuun Narcotic Wastelandiin, jossa toimii laulaja-kitaristina. Narcotic Wasteland työstää parhaillaan uutta albumia.

Hiljattain kitaristi vihjaili Brawewords -lehdelle, ettei aluperin ilmoitettu lähtösyy kiireestä ollut todellinen. Hänen luonteeseensa sopii jatkuva kiire ja työnteko.

“I left Nile for many other reasons that will remain undisclosed, not just for the reasons they detailed in their statement, which were ‘to focus on my own plans and recordings.’ That quote didn’t come from me. I was already putting a lot of my time and energy into Narcotic Wasteland when Nile was not busy writing or touring. My intention was to do shows and albums with Narcotic Wasteland on the flipside, because I like to stay busy. I will continue to write and perform music on whatever level I can for as long as I can. From now on, Narcotic Wasteland will be my main musical focus.”

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Dallas Toler-Wade kuvaili Brawewordsille Narcotic Wastelandin tulevaa albumia ja musiikkia, johon keskittyy nyt täysipainotteisesti:

”We are in the process of finishing up our second album right now, and the topic of drug use and death is still present, but we are also branching off a bit to talk about venomous human behaviour, self-reflection, and big pharmaceutical companies ruining lives for big profits.”

”Narcotic Wasteland’s new music will retain its already established sound while expanding into more dark, sinister, and melancholy-sounding passages, capturing the mental imagery of the lyrics. The band’s mission is to write challenging music without losing a sense of meaning, connecting to the listener as emotionally as possible and providing a release for their anger and sadness.

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”The musical journey for me is and has always been to improve and connect to the listener. Narcotic Wasteland is very excited to work with Megaforce Records, Adrenaline PR and Ashley Talent International, LLC on the upcoming record. We plan to bring our music to as many people and places we can in the upcoming years.”

Narcotic Wastelandin kokoonpano:
Dallas Toler-Wade – kitara, laulu
Ed Rhone – kitara, laulu
Chris ”Lutachrist” Dupre – basso, laulu
Phil Cancilla – rummut