Old Man’s Childilta uusi albumi ensi vuonna

Dimmu Borgir kitaristi Galderin toinen projekti Old Man’s Child aikoo julkaista uuden albumin ensi vuoden alussa Century Median kautta. Vielä nimettömällä albumilla rummuissa kuullaan Peter Wildoer (Darkane, ex-Arch Enemy). Lue lisää nähdäksesi hänen mietteitä aiheesta.

”After having being asked to be part of the new OMC album, I obviously went back and listened to the previous releases of the band, so I now am able to say that in my opinion, these new 9 songs are the best material I have heard of the band so far. There is a lot of more variety going on and the album will sound bigger than any other OMC record before.As far as my performance goes, this is probably the best drumming I have ever recorded so far. I am extremely happy and proud of the session and there’s a lot more double bass and blast beats on here than you have normally heard me doing, so look out for this great record!”

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