All That Remains vokalisti vihaa kiertämistä Euroopassa

Yhdysvaltalaisen metalcorea soittavan All That Remainssin vokalisti Phil Labonte on kertonut hiljattain antamassaan haastattelussa, että hän ei tykkää soittaa keikkoja Euroopassa. Labonte myönsi myös, että häntä ei haittaisi yhtään mikäli yhtye ei enää soittaisi koskaan keikkoja Euroopassa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi kohta haastattelussa, jossa Phil kertoo kiertämisestä Euroopassa.

”I assume that if we get booked in the Czech Republic, we’ll be going. I’m not a huge fan of touring overseas anyways. Our label is a U.S. label and there’s really not been a whole lot of representation in Europe or in other countries and stuff. We’ve had a few good experiences — specifically the Japanese; they really, really have been supportive of ATR and stuff — but there’s not a whole lot of label support in Europe and stuff, so it’s not as fun touring in Europe as it is touring in North America. So, I guess, really, if I’m gonna be straight-up honest, if we never went to Europe again, I really wouldn’t care much. But I mean, if we get booked in the Czech Republic, we’ll go and I’ll do my best to avoid anyone getting on stage or contacting anyone who comes to the show. I mean, it will be something that I’m aware of, it will be something that I think about. I mean, it’s something that I think about here in the U.S. Our manager called me up and he was like, ’Dude, there are times when you tell people you wanna see them knock the shit out of each other. And if you do that, you might get in trouble. Considering the Randy thing…’ And I’m like, ’Ahhhh…..'”

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