Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend Project ja Threat Signal -muusikoiden uuden bändin nimi julkistettu

Jon Howard

Strapping Young Ladin, Devin Townsend Projectin ja Threat Signalin jäsenistä koostuvan raskaamman metalin superbändin nimi on nyt julkistettu. Yhtyeen nimeksi on valittu Imonolith. Yhtyeen rumpali Ryan Van Poederooyen valottaa seuraavassa nimen taustaa ja valintaprosessia:

Imonolith (imänəˌliTH)
– The ‘i’ is pronounced like the ‘i’ in the word, impossible.

That is the name of our band. I’m sure the number one question is how did we come up with it ? Well, Jed Simon had a list of over 50 band names he thought of over the years. He sent them to all of us in the band. The word ‘Monolith’ was one of the band names. It caught my attention and I started playing with the word. At first I thought of various names with words in front of, or after the word Monolith, then I thought of ‘I Monolith’.

But it didn’t sound right, so I added the letter ‘i’ to the front of the word, ‘Monolith’ and voila…. Imonolith was born. A brand new word used for a band name. The guys dug it when I brought it up to them. It sounds heavy and is easy to say. So we’re sticking with it! It still somewhat carries the meaning of Monolith, which is a monumental, black stone of significance. Sounds metal enough for us!”

Imonolith kaipaa yleisön apua bändin logon valinnassa. Bändi on valinnut muutaman logohahmotelman, joista fanit pääsevät äänestämään mieluistaan. Äänestys ja lisätietoa Imonolithin Facebook-sivuilla täällä.

Vocals – Jon Howard (Threat Signal, etc.)
Guitars – Jed Simon (VIMIC, ex-Strapping Young Lad, etc.)
Guitars – Brian ‘Beav Waddell (ex-The Devin Townsend Project)
Bass – Byron Stroud (ex-Strapping Young Lad/Fear Factory)
Drums – Ryan Van Poederooyen (ex-The Devin Townsend Project)

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