Cradle Of Filth studioon nauhoittamaan tulevaa albumiaan

Englantilainen metallilegenda Cradle Of Filth on siirtynyt eilen virallisesti Grindstone studioon Suffolkin kaupungissa Englannissa nauhoittamaan järjestyksessään 12:sta albumiaan, jonka on määrä ilmestyä syyskuussa 2017 Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Yhtyeen tiedottaja ‎Laura Woodley on paljastanut asian julkaisemalla seuraavan viestin yhtyeen viralliseen faniryhmään Facebookissa:

”Today, the tenth of January 2017 e.h, marks the start of Cradle Of Filth guitarist Ashok’s foray into the new album recording session at Grindstone Studios, Suffolk.

Please wish him all the very best as he begins his perilous descent into madness over the course of the next two weeks, playing like a man possessed.”

Dani Filth on aiemmissa haastatteluissa kuvaillut syyskuussa alustavasti ilmestyvää albumia seuraavasti:

”From what I do know, it’s a cross between ’Hammer Of The Witches’ [2015] and ’Cruelty And The Beast’ [1998]. It’s very melodic, very fast… Well, it’s not all fast. There’s some big, heavy tracks on there. Very ornate. There’s some great fucking riffs on there, amazing. Yeah, can’t really speak much about CRADLE. Obviously, it’s not a CRADLE interview. That will come in time.”

”It’s gonna be delivered the second week of May, and the reason for… I mean, it’s not being pushed out or anything like that. Whatever we release, it’s usually about two years afterwards. I think it’s just the fact that I’ve got another band makes it look like it turns around quite quickly, but it has to be released in September because of new management planning this big world tour which has to start in America on a certain date. So, the album has to be delivered and released… It all has to fall into a certain place. You can’t just go ’Oh, we missed our deadline. Sorry,’ because otherwise, you miss your slot with releasing and with the record company, and everything they’ve got planned. So yeah, we’re free to do what we want for a certain amount of months, but then it all has to fit into a schedule.”