Iron Maidenin Nicko McBrain paljasti saaneensa lievän aivohalvauksen tämän vuoden tammikuussa: Kertoo yhä toipuvansa tapahtuneesta

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 3.8.2023

Englantilaisen heavy metal -legenda Iron Maidenin rumpali Nicko McBrain on julkaissut sosiaalisessa mediassa virallisen kirjoituksen, jonka mukaan hän sai tämän vuoden tammikuussa lievän aivohalvauksen ja ei ole sen vuoksi pystynyt soittamaan täydessä iskussa yhtyeen meneillään olevalla Euroopan-kiertueella. McBrainin mukaan koko yhtyeen kiertue oli vaakalaudalla aivohalvauksen seurauksena mutta McBrain onneksi ehti toipua tarpeeksi hyvin halvauksestaan, jotta on pystynyt meneillään olevan kiertueen soittamaan. Voit lukea McBrainin virallisen tiedotteen aiheeseen liittyen tästä:

”Hello Boys & Girls,

I hope this message finds you all well!

The reason I’m writing to you all today is to let you know of a very serious health problem that I have been through. In January I had a stroke, thank the Lord it was a minor one referred to as a TIA. It left me paralysed on my right side from my shoulder on down, of course I was very worried that my career was over but with the love and support from my wife, Rebecca and family, my doctors, especially Julie my OT (occupational therapist), and my Maiden family I was able to bounce back to somewhere near 70% recovered. After 10 weeks of intense therapy it was almost time to start rehearsals for our tour. I feel it’s important to let you know about this now instead of earlier as I was mainly concerned with doing my job and concentrating on getting back to 100% fitness. I’m not there yet but by the grace of God I’m getting better and stronger as the weeks go by.

Thank you all for a most wonderful band magical tour so far, you have all been so amazing.

Well that’s it from me. God bless you all, stay safe and well and I look forward to seeing you all somewhere in time. 🙂


Manageri Rod Smallwood lisää:

“The rest of the band and I think that what Nicko has been able to achieve since his stroke shows incredible belief and willpower and we’re all very proud of him, he just got his head down and concentrated on recovery. We honestly did not know if he would be able to play a whole show until band rehearsals started in May and there was just so much support for him from the band and then genuine relief for all when we saw he was going to be able to do it!”

“Nicko being Nicko he did not want to make a fuss and cause any distraction to the tour at the time but, now that he is sure he will soon get there, he thought you fans should know straight from him rather than by any rumours!”

“We’re all of course delighted he battled through this so well and look forward to many more tours together starting with the three Western Canada shows and Power Trip in California coming up in a couple of months time. We can’t wait! This tour is that good!”

#IronMaiden #NickoMcBrain”