Cavalera Conspiracy sai valmiiksi tulevan albuminsa: uusi levy luvassa lokakuussa

Cavaleran veljesten Maxin sekä Igorin luotsaama metalliyhtye Cavalera Conspiracy on asettanut tulevan albuminsa nimeksi ”Psychosis”. Yhtye aikoo julkaista seuraavan albuminsa lokakuussa 2017 Napalm Recordsin kautta. Max on antanut hiljattain albumiin liittyen haastattelun Metal Wanille kertoen albumin edistymisestä sekä levyn kappaleista seuraavaa:

”The album right now is finished. It was produced by Arthur Rizk, our friend and a great producer — an upcoming, underground producer. And he did a great job. I love the record. There are nine songs. We’ve got one song with Justin [Broadrick] from GODFLESH — just a great NAILBOMB, GODFLESH, CAVALERA kind of song. The rest is all pure thrash madness. And we had it mastered a couple of days ago by Joel Grind from TOXIC HOLOCAUST; he mastered the album. And it’s great, man. It’s a beast of an album. I think a lot of people are are gonna be surprised when they hear it. It’s, for me, the best of all the CAVALERA albums, my favorite one. And it’s got the same intensity and energy of the old stuff like [SEPULTURA’s] ’Beneath The Remains’ and ’Arise’. So a lot of people are gonna be happy to hear that.”

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