Entinen Testamentin basisti kommentoi lähtöään yhtyeestä

TestamentYhdysvaltalaisen thrash metallia soittavan Testamentin entinen basisti Greg Christian on julkaissut verkossa virallisen viestin liittyen lähtöönsä yhtyeestä aikaisemmin tänä vuonna. Syyksi lähtöön Greg nimeä maksamatta jääneet palkat. Lue lisää nähdäksesi miehen kirjoitus asiaan liittyen. 

”I had an idea LMAO — a weekly ’column’ here. I was prompted to do this by seeing vague, partial at best, and usually pretty incoherent responses — in TESTAMENT interviews — in regards to my departure. And never once an actual, factual statement. Because it’s pretty cut and dry. I got sick of not getting paid, and they got sick of me getting hostile about it. Not sure they even realized they pushed me into a position of being bitter and resentful, then blamed me for not being happy. But whatever… All I’m doing here is simple — since they obviously lack the ability to speak to the press in the same manner I was spoken to regularly, I’ll do it for them. And I’ll try to keep it clean, maybe a little tongue in cheek about the ridiculousness, and not bitter and nasty. [I will] do my best.

”The point is just — be how you’re going to be, be who or what you’re going to be, but stand up and be it. Don’t be one way to me, then stutter and backpedal about it to others, especially if it’s because you know how not right the truth really looks.

”So I’ll throw a little something out there once a week, mostly to entertain myself, since I can’t afford a movie LMAO (shoulda paid me lol).

”Anyway… here goes volume 1.

”Two things I heard the last time I spoke to Chuck [Billy, TESTAMENT singer] in January and no comment from me here — just two excerpts from our conversation. FYI, my response to both was ’Ya. Okay.’

1. I was never part of anything
2. We all made the same on the road

”?!?!?! ?!?!?! ?!?!?!

”Tune in next week to hear the casual comment (and surrounding circumstances) that became the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

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