Heaven Shall Burn julkaisi toiminnantäyteisen videon ”Eradicate”-uutuussingleensä

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 6.3.2020

Euroopan suurimpiin metalcore-yhtyeisiin lukeutuva saksalaisbändi Heaven Shall Burn julkaisee maaliskuun 20. päivä Century Media Recordsin kautta seuraavan, ”Of Truth And Sacrifice” -nimisen tupla-albuminsa. Yhtye on nyt julkaissut levyltään toiminnantäyteisen videon kappaleesta ”Eradicate” yhdessä ohjaaja Isaac Nabwanan kanssa. Voit katsoa lopputuloksen tästä:

Yhtyeen kitaristi Maik Weichert on kertonut videosta seuraavaa:

“We are big fans of Isaac Nabwana. His energy, creativity and his uncompromisingness to chase his dreams to create new perspectives and improvements for his environment is absolutely unique and inspiring. A few years ago I read an article about him and his movie called ”Who killed Captain Alex?” which was incredibly fascinating. I followed his work ever since. It is a great honor to become part of the Wakaliwood set. Those few minutes of the charming action-movie-madness means more to us than any other shiny Hollywood video clip. While working with Isaac we instantly felt like young boys again, who are seeing a Schwarzenegger or Bud Spencer movie for the first time. It was immensely important to us to get an authentic Wakaliwood video. The chance to work with the legendary VJ-Emmie as an commentator made it even more special to us.“