Meshuggah peruutti Sauna Open Airin keikkansa

Meshuggah on joutunut perumaan esiintymisensä tämän vuoden festivaaleilla. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen virallinen tiedote asiasta.

As many of you probably know Tomas underwent back surgery a while ago and the surgery itself was successful. The surgery was done to remove a disc hirnea in Tomas’ lower back, a hirnea that had been pressing on the sciatic nerve and causing a lot of difficulty with Tomas’ right foot when playing.However, while rehearsing for the summer festivals, which worked just fine initially, Tomas back started acting up again. This is of course an indication that too much strain was put on Tomas’ back too soon after surgery.

We were really confident we would make this happen but since the spine and its nerves are things you have to really take care of, we feel that this set-back that Tomas had a few days ago, means we’re regrettably forced to cancel the Sauna Rock-festival. It really sucks as we really wanted to come and play Finland again! So this is a big disappointment to us too!

We are still aiming to go through with the rest of the summer and since every day that goes by makes a big difference for Tomas’ recovery, we feel confident we will make the rest of the summer happen!


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