Motorowl julkaisi musiikkivideon kappaleelle ”Norma Jean”

Saksalainen psykedeelivivahteista rockia soittava Motorowl on julkaissut musiikkivideon kappaleelleen ”Norma Jean”. Livevideo on kuvattu Saksan Leipzigissä marraskuussa 2019. Bändi kommentoi:

”If you’ve ever been to a Motorowl show, you know that our last song
is always ’Norma Jean’. It’s about the dramatic thing of living in a
world wich stares at you and your only way to hide is to pass away.
Norma talked to the people for the very last time in 1962. She talked
about happiness, being nice to each other and how to socialise. A few
days later she decided to leave. This song is about socialising in
many ways.“

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