Blackie Lawless elämäkerran kirjoittamisesta: ”Se on ollut yksi hauskimpia asioita mitä olen elämässäni tehnyt”

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 22.5.2022

Yhdysvaltalaisen heavy metal -yhtye W.A.S.P.:n keulakuva Blackie Lawless on kuluttanut koronapandemian pakottaman keikkatauon kirjoittaen elämäkertaansa. Lawless on tuoreessa Detroitin WRIF radiokanavan haastattelussa kuvaillut elämäkerran kirjoittamista yhdeksi elämänsä hauskimmista asioista mutta on kertonut samassa yhteydessä, että sen tekemisessä on valtava määrä työtä. Lawless kertoi elämäkertansa teosta seuraavaa:

”It’s taken a whole lot longer than I thought it would, but it’s been one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in my life. It’s a tremendous amount of work because there’s so many things, over the course of a lifetime, that you forget about, especially when you do what we do for a living. Anybody that does what we do, it’s not like the average person out there where you go to work and you do your thing and you get into a routine. And there’s nothing wrong with that; it’s different.

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”I’ve often said that I’ve already… because of the schedule and the way that any band has to do things — you’re here today; you’re somewhere else tomorrow — it’s like you’ve already lived four or five of somebody else’s lifetimes,” he explained. ”And because of the amount of intensity that goes into the same amount of space that everybody has. Twenty-four hours for somebody that does this is not the same as twenty-four hours for somebody that’s in a routine. And it can get a little on the insane side.

”The first thing I did was interview everybody that I could think of and said, ’What are your memories of this?’ So I got those. But then where I got the majority of it from was really going back in my own head. And the deeper I got into it, the more things I had totally forgotten about. Because, like I said, there’s so many things that will happen in a given day that the only thing you remember is the most intense thing. But maybe the two or three other things that were just under it were just as intense, but you don’t remember it. You remember being on the flight the time the guys got angry with a stewardess and stuffed her in the overhead bin, but you don’t remember the two or three things that happened under that. That’s a true story, by the way.”

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