Brittiläinen thrash-kokoonpano Acid Reign julkaisee uuden studioalbuminsa syksyllä

Kirjoittanut Nicole Hellberg - 4.7.2019

Vuonna 2015 uudelleen aktivoitunut thrash metal-yhtye Acid Reign on ilmoittanut julkaisevansa 29 vuoden jälkeen uuden studioalbumin, jolta on pian myös ilmestymässä ensimmäinen single. Yhtyeen vokalisti Howard ”H” Smith on kertonut syyskuun 27. päivä julkaistavasta ”The Age Of Entitlement”-nimeä kantavasta albumista seuraavin sanoin:

”We started recording on August 1st last year with Jayce Lewis and he has been amazing. He was badgering me to do this for months. We had two other bigger names telling us they would love to do it, but Jayce showed us when recording The Man Who Became Himself that he would go above and beyond to get the best out of what was a very difficult session. So just think what we could achieve when we are in a much better place. The results are stunning. You have an old-school thrash album with a contemporary twist and a production that honours that.

”I’ve had the title for a long time. Straight off the bat, it had an album-title ring to it and speaks to a world view that the entire band shares, which is important. Then Mark Wilkinson came up with the artwork, which he really knocked out of the park. We are all itching to get this out and now you know when you’ll be able to get hold of it. Not long now. Single coming soon.”