Crowbar / Soilent Green rumpali Tommy Buckley voitti taistelun syöpää vastaan

Crowbar 2013Yhdysvaltalainen mm. Crowbarissa sekä Soilent Greenissa vaikuttava rumpali Tommy Buckley on voittanut taistelun viime elokuussa todettua syöpää vastaan. Lue lisää nähdäksesi Crowbarin virallinen viesti asiaan liittyen.

“As many of you know, on August 13th Tommy had his prostate removed due to cancer..It was in a small part of his prostate but doctor suggested the total removal to prevent the spreading of cancerous cells.

TODAY!! October 9th!!! Tommy got his blood test results and he has a clean bill!! NO CANCER!! PSA level=0
This is the best news ever!! We are so happy for Tommy and Lisa.

They have BOTH had the MOST positive attitudes through all of this. Tommy has been playing his drums like there’s no tomorrow and Lisa has been right there by his side!! All they can do is look totally forward now and get on with their lives…and a happy one it will be

Please guys go and get a prostate exam and get your PSA (prostate-specific antigen) levels checked!
Early detection is very important!!”

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