Metallican Lars Ulrich julkaisi muistokirjoituksen menehtyneelle Mercyful Faten basistille Timi Hansenille

Yhdysvaltalaisen thrash metal -legenda Metallican rumpali Lars Ulrich on julkaissut muistokirjoituksen hiljattain menehtyneelle Mercyful Faten basistille, Timi Hansenille. Ulrich kertoo muistokirjoituksessa ajoista, jolloin käytti Mercyful Faten treenikämppää kirjoittaessaan ”Ride The Lightning” -albumia ja ystävystyi yhtyeen kanssa. Voit lukea muistokirjoituksen tästä:

”Incredibly saddened to hear the news of Timi Hansen’s untimely passing. He was not only a close friend of mine and a close friend of the band’s, but he was part of a musical force that helped shape METALLICA’s sound, direction & desire to be in a hard rock band.

Timi was of course the OG bass player in , who most of you hopefully know have played a significant role in our history. Along with his fellow bandmates, King, Hank, Michael & Kim, they welcomed us to Denmark in 1984 with open arms, let us use their rehearsal studio where we wrote songs for the ’Ride The Lightning’ album, leant us their equipment, showed us the best of Copenhagen, became our partners in crime….Over the years we enjoyed endless amounts of incredible moments together, including an almost complete reunion at our 30th Anniversary shows at the Fillmore in 2011. And ultimately, again as most of you know, we recorded 12 minutes of their finest musical moments as the track ’Mercyful Fate’ on the ’Garage Inc.’ album in ’98 and have enjoyed playing that occasionally over the years with various members joining us for their respective parts.”

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