#MetallicaMondays-konserttisarjalla kerättiin yli 100 000 dollaria hyväntekeväisyyteen

Kirjoittanut Janne Ollikainen - 28.8.2020

Yhdysvaltalainen thrash metal -jätti Metallica julkaisi 23 viikon ajan #MetallicaMondays-nimellä kulkenutta videosarjaa, joka päättyi kuluvalla viikolla. Yhtye striimasi keikkojaan YouTube-kanavansa kautta, ja keikkoja nähtiin aina yhtyeen uran alkutaipaleelta viimeisimmän levyn kiertueeseen asti. Konserttisarjan aikana pystyi tekemään lahjoituksia hyväntekeväisyyteen, ja yhtyeen perustama All Within My Hands -säätiö on julkistanut verkkosivuillaan tiedon, että kaikkiaan konserttisarjan aikana saatiin kerättyä yli 100 000 dollaria. All Within My Hands -verkkosivuilla kirjoitetaan:

”When Metallica started the weekly #MetallicaMondays concert streaming series, they set out to provide something to maybe help fans  get through quarantine; a bit of entertainment, a weekly event to bond over with friends and family, a minor distraction to go with dinner on Mondays. The idea was to try to help out our friends worldwide in their own rock-n-roll way. But when it comes to helping, All Within My Hands is all about giving back to those who need it most. This Foundation is close to our hearts for many reasons, but what really continues to inspire all of us, is how YOU have kept it close to your hearts.

Throughout these #MetallicaMondays, the band paired the concerts with fundraisers. It seemed like a way we could bond together to support so many hurting from the effects of the pandemic with the plan to make modest donations to Feeding America and Direct Relief. What we didn’t know then was that the need for a major response was ahead of us, or that AWMH would eventually contribute $645k to COVID relief efforts!

Over the course of 23 weeks, you have totally blown us away. YOU RAISED OVER $100 000 FOR AWMH! At the core of All Within My Hands is the same value at the core of Metallica: we are stronger together. When the Metallica Family activates for a cause, you help us make a sustainable impact in a way that four people simply can’t make on their own. We want to extend a heartfelt thank you and HELL YEAH for your involvement in our desire to make the world a better place.”